Owloops Runner provides a WebSocket endpoint to interact with the system in real time.

Connection to WebSocket

using wscat

wscat -c "wss://runner.dev.owloops.link?api_key=<your_api_key>"

Replace <your_api_key> with your actual API key.

Message Format

  "action": "flybird",
  "birdOrigin": "ws",
  "birdId": "2605a0a8-b6c8-4037-ac9b-c4f756149e44",
  "api_key": "key-1234567890"
actionshould be set to flybird to invoke the WebSocket API
birdOrigincan be any string to identify the origin of the execution
birdIdId of your bird can be retrieved from the bird view URL
api_keyYour api_key with bird.runscope to allow running the bird

Bird Settings

The Owloops Runner uses the existing bird settings for the specified bird. Such settings are:

Webhook URLSend results to specified webhook URL
On ErrorSend failed results to specified webhook URL
ProxyUse a proxy server to perform browser interactions from
Email NotificationsGet notified via email in case of any errors during scheduled runs
SpeedSpeed of the bird (normal, slow, very slow, extremely slow)
ScheduleSchedule frequency of the bird (5m - 24h)