1. Install Chrome Extension

  1. Open Chrome Web Store page
  2. Click on Add to Chrome

2. Open the recorder Panel

  1. Open DevTools with F12
  2. Go to More Tools by clicking the three-dot icon
  3. Choose Recorder to use Chrome's built-in user flow recorder

3. Start a new recording

  1. Enter recording name
  2. Click on the start recording button
  3. Perform any user actions you want to monitor
  4. End recording

4. Open Owloops Replay

  1. Click on the dropdown icon on the Replay button
  2. Choose "Owloops Test" from the Extensions section

5. Enter Owloops API key

  1. Follow the Create Owloops API key guide
  2. Click on the Show Settings button
  3. Enter API key
  4. Click on Save

6. Sync Recording

  1. Click on Sync button